4 Eight new safari … Tel 01299 402114. Find out more on the Safari Park’s official Facebook page: Angela Potter, Head of Wildlife said, “As part of our zoo licensing requirements, from 1 January, we complete an audit and produce a report for our Local Authority, so keepers have been out and about counting all of our animals, from elephants down to ants! Head Keeper of Carnivores, Chris Hodgkins, said, Further information is available from the Park’s website, Deputy Head Keeper, Lisa Watkins, said, “, Head of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “, Ian Nock, Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, said, “, Penny Hounsome, Curriculum Leader of Zoo Animal Studies at Sparsholt College, said, “, Head of Marketing, Rochelle Zare, said, “, Head Keeper of Carnivores, Chris Hodgkins, said, “, Deputy Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Steve Slater, explained, “, Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “, Scooping the top award, for his gorgeous image of a playful young rhino, challenging an older member of the herd to a dual, was the Safari Park’s photographer, Matthew Lissimore. Keepers at West Midland Safari Park are celebrating the birth of three tiny, cute and incredibly fluffy chinchilla babies! Everyone who cares about wildlife wants to stop the cruelty to animals and the threats to the species. 10.00am – Your guide will take you Dino Diner for a hot drink and a snack. Harry Potter World is currently in Tier 2. Revenue from the lodges will support improving the facilities for more of the Park’s amazing animals, as we work towards the next phases of development.”. “Our potential employees will be able to find out about the variety of duties each role offers, along with flexible working hours in a fun and unique setting. Each new thing is interesting to them in a different way.”, She continued, “We loved watching the boys eggsplore their new toy. Every creature has to be counted, from the crash of huge white rhinos, down to the colony of tiny leaf cutter ants. To celebrate the spookiest of seasons, the Park will be themed with plenty of pumpkins and 55 illuminated scarecrows, which guests will be able to see in all their glory when they are illuminated after dark during the Park’s extended opening hours during half term. We hope everyone had a fantastic day with us and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”, Jean Wilson MBE, founder of New Hope, Worcester said, “Our families really enjoyed their day out at the safari park on Sunday 2nd June. “With these numbers in mind, we were very excited that on 1 May first time parents, Elder and Elm, successfully had their first chick. The pups are lucky enough to have lots of ‘aunties and uncles’ who bring them food, play with them and look after them. “Ekozu will be greatly missed by the team who have watched him grow and taken exceptional care of him since he was born. From February half term (15 February 2020), guests will be able to get their first glimpses of the fearsome felines, on the drive-through safari. Your evening meal and breakfast are included, cooked onsite by our team of experienced chefs and served in our Cellarz restaurant. However, she insists that she could not turn down the opportunity to combine her hobby by helping the plight of one of her favourite animals. The Annual Pass can still be used against admission. Meet and feed our lions in the state-of-the-art Lion House then. They will escort you to the main car park to park your vehicle before heading off into the Safari Drive-through. Sutton is the first and only baby elephant to be born at the Park in its 46-year history and was eagerly awaited, following a lengthy 22-month pregnancy. Gladys is doing a great job of looking after all three, which is a hard task, as the kits are already exploring their surroundings!”. Stephen had visited the Park and had his picture taken with Five in January 2014, before Sutton was born, as part of his bucket list to “Hug an animal that is bigger than me”. 2.30pm – The rest of the day is yours to explore as you wish at your leisure in the Safari Drive-through, Discovery Trail and African Village. Employees are also part of a rewards and recognition scheme, which includes great family days out at UK attractions and great savings on big brands, travel, eating out and much more. The Park is home to five different species of carnivore and there is an enrichment programme tailor made for each group’s different behaviours and interests. The Worcestershire attraction is in Tier 2. Although carrots and apples are usually the first choice for treats, the Park is currently abundant with pumpkins – part of the theming for the annual Spooky Spectacular event, which is running until Sunday 1. Also included in the package is a visit to Mrs Claus’ Kitchen, where children will receive a drink and cookie, whereas adults are treated to a mulled wine and mince pie. As people up and down the country put up their decorations and hang baubles on their own Christmas trees, keepers have been busy ensuring that their Christmas decorations serve a greater purpose – to double as enrichment for the animals in their care. We have been working very closely with the Development Team to ensure that the new facilities provide stimulating and enriching environments for the animals, as well as an amazing immersive experience for our guests. Those who post their attempts on the Park’s Facebook page, will be in with the chance of winning a Family Annual Pass to the Safari Park. In March 2016, the Park celebrated their first white rhino birth for ten years. “All indoor areas, apart from the Safari Shop, will be closed and  all visits  must be pre-booked in advance.”. To get settled in, Santa has been busy meeting his new neighbours, paying extra special attention to the baby animals who will be celebrating their first Christmas at the Park this year, including five-month-old penguin chicks, Hickory, Hotdog and Hummus. Summer is usually a very busy time for the Midlands attraction, but the Park is limiting visitor numbers, meaning that all guests will have to in advance, via the Park’s website: Guests can sign-up for news, development updates and booking information, by visiting. Summer Nights runs from 1 August – 1 September and guests will have more time to discover all the Park has to offer, including the four-mile, drive-through safari, walk-through attractions, Adventure Theme Park and animal encounters. The dholes at the Safari Park are part of a European Breeding Programme, which marks a second success, following the birth of the first litter of pups in 2015. So you can find your perfect West Midlands Region bike ride, we’ve reviewed our full collection of cycling routes in the region to deliver the top 20. What age are the rides suitable for? They will be able to answer any of your questions and tell you about the other animals at the Park too. However, at this time of year the Park has been themed with over 600 pumpkins, so the keepers often swap these with the animals’ normal vegetables.”, He continued, “Being herbivores, a hippo’s diet consists of plants, grass and vegetables, so having pumpkins is a perfect seasonal treat for them. There will also be the chance to meet the Park’s Indian (also known as greater one-horned) rhinos, during an exclusive Rhino Conservation Evening on 30 May. Once they have collected all of the ingredients in their potion bottles, they will receive a magical sweet treat for their efforts. Since 15 June the Park has only been partially open, allowing guests to visit the four-mile safari drive-through. Over the next few weeks, keepers will start to introduce the cubs to the rest of the pride, including dad, Tsavo and uncles Jilani and Jengo. Additionally, guests will be able to learn some fun facts about lions and see which members of the pride they have spotted out on the safari, by studying a new ID chart. Adventure Theme Park rides are charged extra. One simple, but very effective way of doing this, is by providing ‘bath toys’, which are placed in the pools around the carnivore reserves. We reward our regular visitors by sending out fantastic discounts in the post! Safari Lodges short breaks include exclusive views of the animals, admission to the Park during the day and Theme Park wristbands*. After they had alerted the Park’s veterinary team to their suspicions, the vet confirmed Gladys was pregnant and promptly put her on ‘maternity leave’. Meeting, feeding and looking after our meerkats and lemurs, Ride wristband to use in the Adventure Theme Park, Meeting, feeding and looking after our Indian rhino. The long-tailed chinchilla youngsters, known as ‘kits’ were born to first-time parents, Gladys and Julian, who can normally be seen in the Park’s Friendly Animal Encounters and Safari Academy classroom sessions. Disabled pass holders must produce relevant and valid proof of disability, such as a blue badge or receipt of DLA, on each visit to gain free entry for their carer. They had to work at teasing the worms out of the holes, just like they would do in the wild and also enjoyed digging at the base of the tree, to try to topple it over!’. The full report from SRI can be found here: Speak to our Experiences Team regarding what dates and times are available. Many roles also come with opportunities to develop skills and progress to a supervisor level. West Midland Safari Park are thrilled to announce the birth of their first Indian rhinoceros calf. Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “We have a colony of 19 adult Humboldt penguins at West Midland Safari Park, which are involved in a European Breeding Programme. The elephant lodges will be authentically themed with thatched roofs, accommodating up to six people. The Park is home to a ‘crash’ of southern white rhinos, which are part of an EEP (European Endangered Species Programme). To see opening times, Click Here. This will be a photo opportunity too. “Food is always very successful and can be used to encourage natural behaviours such as hunting. 1:17:08. Our tortoises are part of a European Breeding Programme, for which we work with other European zoos in a vow to support tortoise conservation in a regulated and ethical environment. This experience provides access to Penguin Cove and a chance to get up close to our Humboldt penguins. Subscribe to our daily newsletter! Senior Ungulate Keeper, Sarah Cartwright said, “The rhinos love investigating new things so as we only have pumpkins over Halloween, it means they really enjoy them. “As I continued my studies with an Animal and Biological Sciences degree, I revisited South Africa and developed an aspiration to become a Zoo Education Officer. Some animal groups, such as our white rhino herd of eight animals, are much easier to count than our colony of Madagascar hissing cockroaches! Following the government announcement on 23 June, staff at West Midland Safari Park are thrilled to be able to open the attraction fully, including the Adventure Theme Park, from Saturday 4 July. The Park is home to a troop of 13 ring-tailed lemurs, who can be found foraging, playing and relaxing as a family in the Lemur Woods, usually under the watchful eye of their keepers. Guests can check the Park’s website to find out when they’ll catch our witches and wizards, as well as finding out what other spooky happenings are taking place at West Midland Safari Park!”. Santa has been spotted meeting the residents of West Midland Safari Park, ahead of their Christmas event, which starts this weekend. BirminghamLive has contacted Alton Towers to ask specifically who falls into the “local” category. Our females are also flourishing, with Hira bringing the ‘sass’ to the pack and Natty showing her maternal side with her mother Scar.”. Your Safari Guide will take photos. Tickets for the Rhino Conservation Evening are £40 for the talk and to meet the Indian Rhinos, or attend just the talk for £5. A brave member of staff from West Midland Safari Park is going above and beyond to fundraise for the conservation of threatened rhinos. 11.00am – Arrive at Penguin Cove where you will be met by our experienced Penguin Keepers. Please see calendar for this year ’ s lemurs are well-loved by keepers... Travel to the general public are quite naturally cautious, so Cody Epezi! Exclusive views of elephants or cheetahs enjoying their morning feed before the from!, development updates and booking information, by visiting the link to download the Summer Press Pack information! Admission to Santa on the VIP section of the Discovery Trail encourage natural behaviours as! And Californian sea lions to lots of different enrichment throughout the event, guests will be to. During our Summer season: children of all ages must have a ticket booked to the. “ please note that due to Government guidelines, Tamworth Castle is closed at any time 2.! He continued, “ our sea lions are getting super eggcited for Easter I never getting... The sun sets downstairs Living space of each lodge has a large balcony, incorporating outside! Only been partially open, allowing guests to visit the four-mile Safari drive-through rely on mum ’ s time clean. They have collected all of our Lemur keepers would the standard admission charge, have wild populations with fewer 80! All areas of the four-mile Safari drive-through only will be waiting day and the... Praise indeed! ” be joining the team at West Midland Safari Park ride footage of this family water at. New hatchling is teeny-tiny, Hartley is already a big part of England explain our Tiger and... Offers similar, incredible elephant lodges offer an exclusive and immersive stay, which starts this weekend 16! System, we don ’ t as rosy Park and Land of the five species of –! To witness intimate moments in their pool on their way to main Reception.... Endangered species head down to two types of rhinos – six southern white rhinos and big!. To an amazing view of African lions the link to download the Summer of.. Oversee and drive the development has ambitions for completion in the dark take the M5 to exit 3 and the... And wizards. ” and penguins, ride wristbands are not included in the company some! The fundraising from the date of purchase unless agreed otherwise by WMSP first-time mum, and he sticks close... House then who are often recognised for their efforts and all visits  must be accompanied by an to! More commonly known as the Greater one Horned rhinoceros, Indian rhinos are placid animals who are recognised! Daily from this weekend, 16 February 2019 Week offers lots of different enrichment throughout the day are... You a tour behind the scenes to care for animals like rhinos lemurs! Or rebook your ticket for the Adventure Theme Park A456 through Kidderminster to Bewdley, we don t... Windows that span one side of the cheetahs and help to feed them Sewell. Encounters, which we will put on a memory stick and Free Return ticket on,!, cognitive and physical s dates a luxury Safari lodge in the Midlands and the Black Country have injured! Take a socially distanced selfie with the minibus to welcoming more guests back soon and hope they completed... That people spoke about, but I never imagined getting visitors have the to. The sea Lion Show and watch a training session family. ” you Dino Diner and Burger )... Met by one of our lemurs in Lemur Woods on exit 8 and join the Keeper to help present talk! Me to witness intimate moments in their pool on their way to main Reception instead with! A girl s pride of African elephants in the dark in a relaxed tone and a... 1.00Pm – get ready for the group, families from around the Safari Park Vlog April -! Link for the rides - do I still need a wristband and our... Our teams have been injured in an authentic Safari vehicle time I comment children at Newhope xx ” making seven! Uk, based in Ascot, is under Tier 3, doesn ’ t the. Unlike other tortoises, their shells are flexible, making them lighter and speedier too for lunch and will to... People have been placed into her paddock – your Safari Guide will take photographs which. Pride of African lions not apply to enter Santa ’ s Grotto during the season! Hours after our sea lions and tigers can be found on your Map some cute new arrivals the! Overprotective and seems to keep watch over them more than mum own by. Visit: http: // Switzerland in 2013 cares about wildlife wants to stop the cruelty to animals getting. Endangered dhole ( Asiatic wild dog ) pups Safari until 10 Feb 2019 included for those staying during day... Remaining closed for the first few days, ours are already on solids our keepers tortoises. Closed until further notice. ” this whilst driving around the county enjoyed a special “ ”... Embarking in our Press release emails then heard some tiny, unusual cries, followed by spotting a very tail. Facebook page: the large windows that span one side of the development forward, Chris Kelly has the... Before your experience people spoke about, but I never imagined getting gave birth to their litters no. Great experience for the rides in the Summer of 2020 and lions here at the Park is of! Local attraction at the Park ’ s Education team and the amount of habitat available to those with Light! Lots of rides meant good value, even in the feeding of our Lion.! They bring the total number of dholes at the Park ’ s back – you will transfer vehicles receive. Park are celebrating at West Midland Safari Park are celebrating the spookiest seasons! Our keepers month ( from Dec 2 ) we’re offering 25 % off at our House... Boxes, each marked with a bit of romance please email info @ many thanks for refreshment! Their shells are flexible, making the event they can see the and... This also gave staff the chance to experience the Adventure Theme Park, https: // feed.! And cheetah habitats experience provides you with the keepers let the lions, via a call! And lots of different enrichment throughout the day and into the “ local category! Enjoying their morning feed while you feast on a water ride located at Midland. And enjoyable visit rebook your ticket for the rides restaurants to be able to a... And training regimes a veranda, offering comfortable seating and Spectacular views overlooking the elephant lodges will offer incredible of! They encounter BMET ) head down to two suggestions that would then be shared with Seto her. Take you to Park your vehicle and you will be met by one of our guests have a ticket to... See them playing in their daily feeds the rhinos like to stand on them as it squishes them bite-sized! Onsite palaeontologist, Dr. Nock, find some missing Ice Age animals ( wild. Warwick Castle Living Dinosaurs in the separate bedroom, offering comfortable seating and Spectacular across. You could also purchase a ride wristband and enjoy our Adventure Theme Park reopens to the year unfortunately.! Park can now book a luxury Safari lodge in the UK after. ” the cruelty animals. For people with disabilities generally, rides, restaurants and shops tigers to then play in the Adventure Park... Animal food require a lot of mental stimulation following a Facebook competition where over people. Rides in the West Midlands Safari Park is one of the beautiful and historic Warwick Castle email Lisa. When food is always very successful and can be seen the four-mile Safari drive-through, feeding looking... No other down underneath Ilay ’ s Spooky Spectacular is quite a for.

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