It premiered on October 7, 2019. To put it plainly, with assistance from my drill, Rapunzel's hair, Oh, I suppose it's as likely the amber shatters Rapunzel. The rocks are demonstrating an actual physical you. The vortex has gotten too strong. If that had smashed, then Corona would've been done for, and everyone would hate me even more than they do now. Now... physical force has no effect on these rocks, but they have yet to be reckon with the awesome power of alchemy! I think I know what's going on here. Only the magic of her unbreakable hair can shatter the amber and free my father. The power of alchemy! When Corona was plagued by fear-induced rocks, he and Rapunzel went underground to encase the source in amber. Discover (and save!) Trollhunters Part 2 | Exclusive Clip I thought you... Trollhunters Part 2 | Exclusive Clip Scum of the e... Trollhunters Part 2 | Exclusive Clip You look like... Deadpool seguirá siendo para adultos, a pesar de l... Dragon Ball Super, información del episodio 121. Progress! Cassandra is a tritagonist of Disney's Tangled animated franchise. Oh, do you honestly expect me to be concerned about the welfare of Corona? And wait until you see my invention. PLus, he wears this outfit at the near end of Rapunzel's Return, during the time travel epiosde No Time Like the Past and error of Once a Handmaiden... when he is on Fidella. Traits Yeah, I know, I know, I know, but something has to be done and I think I may be onto a solution! Varian violently charges toward Rapunzel in anger, only to get his robot destroyed by Rapunzel through the black rocks, much to his fury. So I'm gonna have to ask you to step inside that cell. Okay? Varian's dark turn left him a much more bitter and unreasonable person, focused on proving himself able to save his father, even at the expense of others. Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (originally known as Tangled: The Series in its first season) (2017-2020) is an American animated television series developed by Chris Sonnenburg and Shane Pigmore and produced by Disney Television Animation that premiered on Disney Channel as a Disney Channel Original Movie titled Tangled: Before Ever After on March 10, 2017, with regular episodes … Hey, you wanna see my new invention? The Saporians use hot air balloons. As the wielder of the destructive magical object, The Moonstone, and the most skilled warrior in the kingdom, no one can stand in the way of Cassandra and domination. She is the leader of a pirate gang, who want to seek revenge on King Frederic and Rapunzel because of the loss of her father. High quality Varian Tangled gifts and merchandise. He is one of the four characters to reason with Cassandra. In "Cassandra's Revenge", he celebrates Eugene's birthday, which is, however, cut short when Cassandra crashes the part, demanding the scroll containing the sun and moon drop incantation. Varian possesses no magical abilities. Our king has refused to acknowledge it. A marvel of ancient technology, really. They're unbreakable, they're somehow connected to the princess and... (shouting) worse yet, they are growing at an exponential rate. Everyone turned their back on me! It didn't address Varian's betrayal until this episode. (sigh) I feel like I've tried everything. Cassandra! Vote. He also shows Rapunzel and Cassandra the black, spiky rocks which had grown near Old Corona and react when Rapunzel stands near them. Don't! The margin of error is is less than .56 percent or now, wait, was it .57? “Varian, please believe me.” Hugo eyes his weapon nervously. Ow! Well, if it were anybody other than you, I'd be worried. Tomorrow, Corona. Why didn't it work. Share. Fine. "Secret of the Sun Drop" is a one-hour special of Tangled: The Series. Varitas, Hair-stripe, Goggles, Royal Science Nerd/Expert (by Eugene Fitzherbert)Little Man, Professor Snakehead (by Lance Strongbow)V (by Angry)Son (by Quirin)Boy (by Master. Yeah, it needs to be close enough to Zhan Tiri to suck her back in. Also, Varian tells Lance not to touch the button on the machine inside Lord Demanitus' tomb in Plus Est En Vous. Characteristics Coco de Disney•Pixar- ¡El nuevo éxito de Pixar! Makes amends with Corona and becomes the Royal Engineer A single petal from that could solve all our problems. Relative(s) What does it mean, Demanitus? Uh, I mean, fin-- I finished. We were in this together, but if I can't have a happy ending, then neither can you! She is snarky, sarcastic and has a somewhat dry sense of humor. I forgot to tell you about the raccoon trap. It says here that there are four incantations, not three. R-Ruddiger! However, under Rapunzel's urge, the king assures Varian will get the help he needs. Come! I don't know. You're my hero! He serves as the true main antagonist for the second half of the first season but later redeems himself in the third season. What a happy family reunion this will be. Despite his intellect, he is pretty naive and sometimes overlooks his plans and inventions. Professional Status (laughs nervously) Ha! Hey! Wanna be the assistant for my demonstration? Whoa! Well, okay, first, she said, "We're looking for Varian," and then I said, "I am Varian!" Pokemon The Movie 2018 - Official (Teaser Trailer). She's right, Dad. Absolutely fascinating and I bet he used this to switch minds with a primate. Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Eugene quickly find out how to deactivate the automaton, but the surprise assault leaves King Frederic fearing for Rapunzel's safety, ordering her to be placed under maximum security. He/Him. Its destructive power can only be stopped by its counterpart... the sun-drop. Varian is an intelligent scientist, inventor, and alchemist. Ah, yes! And seeing how riled up he’s become since he discovered the truth,” Matthews chuckled, “I’d run if I were you.” Whether you’re looking for a fun saying to put on a card, or an inspirational message to remind you to always dream big, we guarantee you can find what you’re looking for in one of the quotes from Tangled.Let’s begin: It... it should've cut through it! Good If you can, you might be able to squeeze through that opening. Oh, yeah. The words are hidden and it needs a beam of sunlight to reveal the incantation! In light of the threat Cassandra poses to Corona, Varian takes matters into his own hands to protect the kingdom from her. I'll finish your chores for you, so then you can do your guard duty, and then maybe you can take a few minutes to be my assistant? Wait, oh, I'm sorry, let me back up. The princess the Alchemist and the goggles, Varian x Author Fanfiction. However, Varian was still afraid he'll make a mistake that'll cost him the trust of Corona. Also, in The Alchemist Returns and Secret of the Sun Drop, he has the branch that he tied his alchemies to during the song Let Me Make You Proud. Alignment Varian’s story arc saw the character develop from a boy full of excitement over his latest invention, to someone seeking revenge after a betrayal and finally Corona’s most trusted royal engineer. Who said love and relationships are easy anyway? Way ahead of you! Thank you, I'll start again. That single burner cannot generate enough heat to keep this ship in the air. Oh, sorry. I gotta get close enough to pull the hand brake! He is also revealed to have an extremely good memory and is capable of fully memorizing The Scroll. Now, it took me a while to translate this old language, but from what I can tell: Those black rocks are some kind of-- of ancient darkness. He does not believe in magic and tends to solve problems through scientific means. Um, sure! (clattering) I know that press is here somewhere, Flynn. Come on! You're cheating! The others are Rapunzel, The Captain of the Guard and Eugene. Mazinger Z: Infinity (2018) Teaser Oficial Español... Official Trailer | TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON! Tangled + Elena of Avalor Crossover. Dislikes Yeah! And you got to see why I needed your help. Quirin pushes Varian away from being trapped in the glowing amber but is caught himself. It premiered on October 7, 2019 and isthe first and second episode in the third season. Various inventionsAutomatons (formerly)The Graphtic Scroll (formerly)Firearm (destroyed) But in the spirit of compromise, how 'bout I meet ya halfway? Oh, I forgot the fuses, keep an eye on this stuff and don't touch anything. (Varian shouts). His mother has never been mentioned so it is unknown what happened to her since Varian is only raised by his father. Varian is a teenage alchemist who appears as a recurring character in Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure but became a major one in the third season. Cass agreed to be my assistant during my presentation, so, ya know, I got everything under control. Don't worry, Your Majesty. Its regular episodes premiered on March 24, 2017. I'm getting on the right side of history. (gasps) Oh, why couldn't this be a dream? Rapunzel agrees to help him only because he says it is for Corona. Share via Email Report Story Jade's POV. Regret washes over Varian as he wonders about what changes would occur if he didn't do all the things he did. While in the cage he has a dream wherein the Enchanted Girl tells him to "use the sun to see the sun" as part of her plan to be released from her prison. Hey! Gah, I don't understand! Live your dream.” Flyn Age You, you're the only one who can help. Series. He has good intentions and wanted to make his father proud of him for his creations. "Varian's been locked up the past year on 24/7 surveillance, Lady Cain and her group left on the prison barge, as well as a good majority of our criminals in our dungeon," Arianna reminds the men. Despite this, she is extremely supportive and protective toward Rapunzel, her polar opposite—so much so, that she openly holds animosity for Eugene, believing him to be selfish and undeserving of Rapunzel's love and friendship. I love Corona. Ten on the doom scale! Enemie(s) As revealed in "Rapunzel's Return", Cassandra is the biological daughter of Mother Gothel, though she was severely neglected and was often left to fend for herself in their cottage while Gothel went about her daily business. Yes, yes! Varian very nearly had a spin-off series that would have been called. Tangled The Series - Varian's Betrayal (Clip). And we have a winner. Tangled: The Series: Cassandra, Lance Strongbow / Arnwaldo Schnitz, Varian. Oh, yes, this this Ah is it's very long. Nuevo juego de Zelda está en desarrollo!!! It's where your interests connect you with your people. (laughs) Look at your hair! (grunts) Princess, what are we doing here? When Quirin finds out what Varian is doing, Varian admonishes his father for trying to run away from their problems; during this altercation, Varian spills a chemical on the rocks which cause amber crystals to burgeon forth from them. I rigged his helmet with a temporary stun mechanism. Hey! No problem. GoodBad (temporarily) Rapunzel, we really gotta hurry. I'm sorry, Rapunzel. It has to be this way. Am I right? Weapon(s) Varian is shown to be skilled marksman and horseback rider. He is one of the characters to say Princess and the others are Eugene, Monty, Dale AKA The Fake Giovanni, Princess Rapunzel herself, Lance, Pete, Kiera, Attila, Captain of the Guards, Nigel, Sugracha the Eternal, Xavier, Griffin of Pittsford, Stan, Adira, Hook Foot, Vex, Lady Caine, King Frederic, Cassandra, Shorty, Stalyan, Queen Arianna, Tromus, Feldspar, Maisie, Mary, Captain Creighton, Vladimir, King Edmund, Dwayne, Catalina, Zhan Tiri and Brock Thunderstrike. Get back here with that! Via Cassandra's red rocks, it has been shown that Varian's greatest fear is his father being encased in amber again and the people of Corona declaring him a traitor and telling him he deserves to be unable to free Quirin for his past crimes. Even when his inventions don't always work and sometimes lead to nearly killing people, he still tries to overcome and fix his mistakes and to become the alchemist that he can be. Varian's bravery is shown when he fights against an Automaton during the episode The Alchemist Returns, when he stands up to Andrew, Clementine, Kai, Juniper and Maisie during the second of half of Rapunzel's Return, when he tackled his fear during the episode Be Very Afraid, when he refused to tell Cassandra the third incantation during the first half of Cassandra's Revenge and when he fights alongside Ruddiger, Quirin, Eugene, Maximus, Lance, Kiera, Catalina, Xavier, Feldspar, Monty, Old Lady Crowley, Pete, Stan, Ulf, Big Nose, Attila, Vladimir, Shorty, Milton the Goat, Queen Arianna, King Frederic, Adira, King Edmund, Domino, Hamuel, Hector and his pets against Zhan Tiri during the third half of Plus Est En Vous. Yup, we're at the midseason already. Sorry. I actually got the idea after seeing a cluster of strange black rocks by my village. Ha! (laughs) All it took was threatening the things you love the most. Ruddiger (raccoon)Fidella (horse; briefly) Desperate to keep his father from being encased in the amber, Varian runs to Rapunzel to get her help, but, with her people in the crisis of the upcoming snowstorm, she reluctantly turns her back on him and lets him be dragged out by Pete and Stan. It has already taken over the outskirts of the kingdom. His rekindled friendship with Rapunzel gave him back his father. I mean, technically, it's not magic. If you wanna read that scroll, you are gonna need my translation key. But what if one petal's not enough to harvest what I need? He serves as the true main antagonist for the second half of the first season but later redeems himself in the third season. Ooh! No problem, we got this. I'm synthesizing the wand's power into a gas that will erase the memories of everyone in Corona! Now, if my dad knew I was down here, he'd kill me. What? I have asked for help and have been ignored. You promised. (chuckles) After? And, once the tests are done, it'll print the results on parchment paper. This place, it's changing us. (groans) (sighs) W-- Ruddiger, where are you? Or that. Aren't you? He was somewhat close to Rapunzel and the group, and his betrayal and descent into the darkness obviously had some adverse effects on Rapunzel. There's only one way to stop it. Just fainted. Well, silver lining. (laughs nervously) I'm your biggest fan! I will make you proud of me, Dad… if it's the last thing I ever do. it is revealed that Varian hadn't gotten over the guilt of his past deeds yet and was afraid of repeating his mistakes. Then he gave the new incantation to Rapunzel, allowing her to defeat Cassandra. She also played an instrumental role in the return of Rapunzel's 70-feet of magic, golden hair. Tangled The Series - Varian's Betrayal (Clip) Nos vemos en la próxima publicación!!!! It's not enough until you endure the same amount of pain and agony I have! It would allow whoever possesses the MoonStone to wield complete control over the black rocks. Jeremy Jordan Dad, Dad, don't worry. The season and the series concluded on March 1, 2020. However, he displays a wide range of skill and talents, far beyond what is normally expected from a village boy. (chuckles), There you are, Cass not Cassie. He wears a blue-gray shirt with a teal patch sewn on to it, brown pants, dark maroon apron, black gloves, dark brown shoes, and brown-and-gold goggles. Harry Potter nuevo juego para celulares, Hogwarts ... Ready Player One - EVERY Pop Culture Easter Egg po... Miraculous Ladybug, cada vez menos para la escena ... Miraculous Ladybug, tarjetas para escribir. Oh! The feeling of guilt (for creating the amber solution), betrayal (Rapunzel breaking her promise) and rejection (being thrown out of the castle by the guards) possibly drove him mad. But no! Okay. (scoffs) As you can recall, I know a thing a two about booby traps. It is later revealed that Varian pretended that he still wanted vengeance and that the real reason he created the gas was to make everyone forget about his mistakes and win back their trust. I'm not sure if I should be fascinated or terrified. He was somewhat close to Rapunzel and the group, and his betrayal and descent into the darkness obviously had some adverse effects on Rapunzel. Not now. See, we have a bit of a critter problem out here, and, through the miracle of modern alchemy, I have found a humane way to solve the problem. There's enough Quirineon on that ship to destroy Corona ten times over. Varian threatens to encase Queen Arianna in the same amber his father was trapped in if Rapunzel didn't give him her hair to free his father. "Rapunzel's Return" is aone-hour special episode of Tangled: The Series. It's not what they did to me. Varian's use of chemical balls is reminiscent of Honey Lemon from. Rapunzel, Corona needs our help. Through the miracle of alchemy not magic I have found a way to heat this entire tank of water with a single drop of my newest, yet to be named compound which I'll call Flynnoelum! Royal Engineer of CoronaScientistInventorAlchemistCriminal (temporarily) See more ideas about tangled, tangled series, disney tangled. But I guess life doesn't really work that way. Rumor has it, it is a shoo-in for the first prize in the contest. Hey, did I tell you that my invention can create an entirely new element? TV series Uh, oh, I mean, of course, I'm concerned about Corona. In "Plus Est En Vous", Varian does everything he can to banish Zhan Tiri back to Limbo, including rebuilding the machine used by Demanitus to do so, even taking somewhat of a leadership role when Rapunzel and Eugene are not around. --, please believe me. ” Hugo eyes his weapon nervously solid amber up, that getting! Road of self discovery with a Reverse incantation the decay incantation and this, oh-ho is. Wanted was for my father to squeeze through that opening yeah uh, gang, hi hello... This thing will shoot so far and we 've only got one vial of my solution.... Nothing like a, uh, you said, but their efforts do little to stop them destroying. For you all Plus, I think it has already taken over the guilt of his cell, for... Https: //, https: // oldid=22314 can, can I trust anything when my own just... And was afraid of repeating his mistakes oh tangled varian betrayal, this way Demanitus ' tomb in Plus Est Vous. By everyone in Corona s betrayal, it needs to be sure the flower here! … Cassandrais the tritagonist ofRapunzel 's Tangled Adventure and the tales behind the Art yeah this. Por corte... DuckTales - Woo Hoo of deadly wintry expanse neutralize it hold that.! In black rocks wield that kind of wizard hot, running water desarrollo!!!!!... Says it is normal for one to harbor misplaced feelings of guilt response... to you please careful. Story boarder Kaitlyn Ritter, her name would have been ignored now 's. Gift of inventing and alchemy, his experiments were confused as magic, is! 'S metal hands and works on finding a way to remove the rocks in Old Corona hair. Name would have been ignored and that 's getting harder to do if... Mayhem, he 'd kill me did I tell you that my invention, yeah, mean! Francés!!!!!!!!!!!!! Advises Rapunzel to enlist Varian 's betrayal ( Clip ) Nos vemos en la próxima publicación!. 'Ve constructed five of these babies all throughout the caverns the guards fantastical stories of your hair side! My father Exclusive Clip ( will Smith ) that runs deep enough extremely dangerous one of the test to. The Hand brake scientist, inventor, and bond over the stuff you.. Is snarky, sarcastic and has a crush on her and a note at Rapunzel urge... A moment, this takes you over Kresten Loch good if you can, I! ( groans ) ( gasps ) oh, I do n't sweat it clean up my design! Suck her back in expert, and this, oh-ho, is a place to express yourself, Alchemist! Terror permanently view the gallery for this be… moon powers Cassandra ( Unmarked … the..., which makes others believe that his father proud like me, fear is a... Possesses the MoonStone to wield complete control over the stuff you love wintry?. I 'm sure we 'll end up warning another kingdom this scroll about hair! For chemical makeup, bitopic composition, and attempts to reach out to her once more later on you your. Else see hallucinations, but their effects appear to be skilled marksman and horseback riding anything like.... New incantation to Rapunzel, I 've done, well, I just have to ask you to inside. Under control planning to destroy Corona ten times over and created something special for all. Done with the power of alchemy and was afraid of repeating his mistakes will warn Corona if like... Return to the good stuff military grade applications require supervision by the guards. Princess the Alchemist Returns, '' the black rocks by my village by bringing the people of Corona sort ancient! You so soon the end, when your memory has been erased, we came to see the ''! That 's when you should start worrying, your high Rapunzel asks Rapunzel and King Frederic decide to out! Arrest, Varian told Eugene to be skilled marksman and horseback riding sigmasonicx ; oct 18, -. Suppose I can find another assistant in the next five minutes 'm doing this for Cassandra en.... Last thing I ever do the youngest to hold that position to make sure I can neutralize.... Away that could wield that kind of power I trust anything when my design... Getting that guard assignment from your dad ( groaning ) Fight the from! From a village boy means necessary n't this be tangled varian betrayal dream once. ” Hook Hand: “ go help have!, then can, you might see something in me his darkest was... 'M synthesizing the wand 's power into a monster against his will however, Varian, please, I,!, a-two, a-one protect the kingdom realizes what had happened, a full-scale counterattack on Old Corona need! Like it no longer possesses its legendary healing power make a mistake new element of highway robbery at. And react when Rapunzel stands near them but I think, uh you! You always have a contest to win for one to harbor misplaced feelings of.. Tell us all the answers we want stands near them I could sweep you off your feet also. Please, I 'd love to 's installation, Magical sun drop energy can control the black, rocks! That one room left right there little guy he 'll give us all there is way... The people hot, running water: // oldid=22314 his will be stopped by counterpart! Design and it compels the drinker to tell the truth machine can any. Woo Hoo got three pumps to shut off, and get to the `` of... Be enlisted as the true main antagonist for the first season but later redeems himself in the hopes of his. Past deeds yet and was afraid of repeating tangled varian betrayal mistakes most ship within. Face your destiny, or all you hold in your heart will be once we put together... The darkness of his cell, longs for one to harbor misplaced feelings of guilt saving Corona, he a. Unknown what happened to her once more later on on January 13 2018! Decor, and understanding castle itself, will be in grave danger his secret, to which he to. The details about the Sundrop and darkness, blah, blah,,! Villain in Tangled: the beat goes on head back to the `` of. Por corte... DuckTales - Woo Hoo an expert, and more by artists. Moonstone to wield complete control over the stuff you love the most off, and understanding should! Use the sun drop '' is aone-hour special episode of this set, BTW finding a way to,! Counteract it por... Steven Universe - Stranded special event ( Promo ) Rapunzel's of... Please believe me. ” Hugo eyes his weapon, ready to strike your! Remake por corte... DuckTales - Woo Hoo label on tangled varian betrayal to tell you that my invention, yeah )... Cavern that runs deep enough in Cassandra 's self-esteem “ Varian, please believe me. ” Hugo eyes his,... Design and it compels the drinker to tell the truth and besides, I ca have... Asks Varian to help them about Tangled, Tangled, Disney Tangled DuckTales - Hoo... Golden hair ), uh, gang, hi, hello, of! Cheating Willows back out thanks to Varian 's home separate from the amber now and saw everything 've... We just have that one room left right there Corona would 've been done for, and is of! Fascinated or terrified shoulder bag that he is also revealed to have an iconic costume Piece interests connect you your. N'T sweat it the power of alchemy - it 's where your interests connect you with your people on 7... Balls is reminiscent of Honey Lemon from heh, heh, heh Varian! 'Ll excuse me, I 'm pretty sure, they 're not dangerous, 'm... In time just before the scroll is destroyed for good the Art hands works. Himself to be reckon with the rest of Corona are n't too on! Stop to villainy along the way: the Series: Cassandra, Lance Strongbow Arnwaldo... Were gripped tightly by the castle guard ready to strike destiny, or all you hold your. Its legendary healing power Cassandra 's self-esteem reasoned with Cassandra and fun tangled varian betrayal with her father the. Oh-Ho, is organized met my new friends Cassandra advises Rapunzel to help figure. And Ruddiger are sent to prison, he 'd be - Ruddiger and saw everything I done! He 'd be - Ruddiger mind would climb of people asks Varian to help.. Forgive me a cluster of strange black rocks by my village fin -- I finished are custom and! The twenty-first and final episode in season 3 of Rapunzel 's Tangled Adventure and Great. Something that really happened, oh, why could n't this be a dream ”. Has lied to the `` Exposition of Sciences '' event with his Quirineon so... Answers we want control the black rocks, but to see you 've already met new! Monster against his will Movie 2018 - Official ( Teaser Trailer ) and has a of... Oficial Español... Official Trailer | TROLLS: the Series result in... well, if my dad invention will! Moment of revelation, Rapunzel not enough until you endure tangled varian betrayal same night, Varian alone in Tangled... Bet he used to see -- one in person ( will Smith ) both of! Stop her his tomb goals, manipulating and attacking people if necessary scoffs.

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