Correct signature block Depending on the type of entity (partnership, LLC, company, etc.), there are generally accepted signature block formats that should be used. The main purpose of an accepted signature block is to clearly outline the chain of legal authority that allows a person to sign on behalf of a client. If the accepted formats are not used, there may be confusion – or, worse, disputes – about the person or entity that entered into the contract and the authority of the person who signed the contract. In a recent arbitration, we represented a party mandated to provide design services to a project owner. The contract listed a non-existent limited liability company as an „owner“ and was signed by its „manager.“ As the designated company did not exist and the manager did, we sued the manager over the unpaid invoices. To the manager`s surprise, the referee held him personally responsible for the non-existent unit`s debts. This result and the considerable legal costs that were spent by both parties could have been avoided if the parties had checked with the Oregon Foreign Minister. In doing so, they would likely have found that the designated entity did not exist and could therefore have used a real entity name at the conclusion of the contract. While this is an extreme example, it illustrates the importance of determining whether an entity name provided by a party is present and using the appropriate entity name. Although courts and arbitrators are inclined to impose contracts, although one party does not strictly comply with legal procedures, litigation about them is often costly and can yield unpredictable results. As a result, the parties to the construction and planning contracts would do well to comply with the aforementioned legal formalities when entering into their contracts. Check the membership ID on the membership card.

This member ID may not have the double-digit suffix displayed on the member`s card. A request for permission for the Blue Payer would also return the correct suffix. Each member in the directive has a clear double-digit suffix (z.B 01, 02, 03, etc.) Please re-apply with the correct member ID – suffix. Example: the customer has the suffix „01,“ as can be seen on the membership card. If the member`s identifier is „980727389403“ and the suffix is „01.“ The correct member ID would be „98072738940301.“ A business purchase contract is a kind of business succession plan used by companies with more than one owner.