For example, if you receive a call from other agents, you should not report to the other party that you do not share your commission, which indirectly prevents the other party from cooperating. Nothing in the agreement imposed a duty on the world`s business brokers to have a listing or to respond in the affirmative to an action. After providing the information that the property was for sale, World Business Brokers fulfilled the conditions of the particular business agreement. The parties were then bound by their contract. However, the court found that the contract between Monopoly Realty and World Business Brokers, although a „bad deal“ for Monopoly Realty, was binding and enforceable for all parties. It also found that the co-mediation agreement had been supported by an appropriate consideration (information that the property was for sale) and could not have been terminated by Monopoly Realty after receiving the information. The Tribunal found that World Business Brokers had fulfilled its obligations under the terms of the contract and that the contract was therefore enforceable. The division of the commission is only allowed for real estate transactions for which only one party receives a commission. For example, the buyer`s representative may collect a commission from the seller`s representative on the sale of a property in which only the seller`s representative receives a commission, since the buyer has not paid a commission. If the buyer`s representative already receives a commission from his client, he cannot collect a co-brokerage fee from the seller`s agent.

Similarly, in the case of rental transactions, if the tenant`s representative does not receive a commission, he can apply to the landlord for a fee for the introduction of the tenant, provided that it is in this condition: co-broking, a common practice in the real estate agency sector, refers to a situation in which two or more real estate agents (representing the counterparties of the transaction) participate in the same real estate transaction. Agents work together to achieve the best possible outcome for their respective clients. In most countries, laws that describe when real estate agents are entitled to commissions are simple and clear. As a general rule, certain provisions of the commission agreement must be written down. This is usually the start date of the list, the end date and, of course, the amount of compensation. Because of statutes that have a direct influence on the right of the Commission, to classify who receives, which is not necessarily so difficult.